SLUC triumphs over NLUC, MLUC

THREE KINGDOMS OF DMMMSU battled out to bring home the glory and honor in their respective campuses, but only one made it to the top.

After the three campuses, SLUC, MLUC and NLUC, showcased their wit, talent, voice, artistry, passion in writing, spontaneity, beauty and glamour in different cultural events, SLUC was adjudged over-all champion during the university Cultural competitions last October 13, 2016 guided by the theme, “Paving the Path towards Internationalization of State Colleges and Universities through Culture and the Arts.” SLUC reigned supreme as it bagged the first place garnering a total score of 36 points, while MLUC landed on the second place with 42 points and NLUC ended up in the third place with 50 points.


Editorial: Globally Competitive

TO BE PREMIERE and globally competitive has always been the aim of our university.

It is the reason for our participation in the PASUC and the SCUAA meets and why we undergo accreditation. But how can joining these competitions help us achieve our vision?

Every year, students look forward to the Campus Meet, University Meet, PASUC, and SCUAA Meet, not only because of the suspension of classes but because it is that time of the year that they can break away from the four corners of the classroom and showcase their other talents and skills.

Events ranging from musical to literary competitions await everyone. But more than cheering for our bets during the pageant, what can these events contribute to our university?

This year’s PASUC theme: “PASUC @ 49: Paving the path towards internationalization of the state colleges and universities through culture and the arts” implies that through these competitions we will be able to achieve our vision – training students that are not only intellectuals but are also well-rounded and diverse individuals who would lead us to the fulfilment of our aim.

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Our university can be a fundamental force that serves as a platform for students to hone their skills and to refine the potentials they possess in order to be globally competitive.

These competitions can open doors towards greater opportunities for the students and our university. It could be our gateway in creating better chances for our graduates as they transcend into the real world. That is why, these competitions are not simply for us to meet and compete with the other campuses, it is to enhance our skills and be one, as we inch closer in achieving our vision.


Former CE gov is new CSBO chair

SERVING YOU WITH VALOR. Former College of Education Governor John Matthew R. Macalalay is the newly-elected Campus Student Body Organization Chairman for the School Year 2016-2017. Photo lifted from the Facebook account of John Matthew R. Macalalay
SERVING YOU WITH VALOR. Former College of Education Governor John Matthew R. Macalalay is the newly-elected Campus Student Body Organization Chairman for the School Year 2016-2017. Photo lifted from the Facebook account of John Matthew R. Macalalay


ALTHOUGH HOSPITALIZED and recovering from a surgery, new  Campus Student Body Organization (CSBO) Chairman John Matthew Macalalay swept 3222 votes in the campus elections, with 39.75% of votes coming from the College of Education (CE) wherein he was the former college governor..

In a text message, Macalalay expressed his happiness being the newly-elected chairman of the CSBO especially that he is from CE and a Social Studies Major.

“Happy tho, but at the same time, nine-nerbyos. Leading an entire campus is not an easy task. College nga nun e mahirap na. It requires time, effort and everything. But that’s the beauty of it. Dun din kase ako natuto at nahasa sa pagiging student leader. Asking questions, personally na pumupunta ng admin para mag-process ng papers at um-attend sa mga needs ng mga students,” he stated.

He said that he will continue what they have started since they have begun last summer wherein they had disbursed around three million pesos for project procurements coming from the Fund 164.

“On student activities naman, the CSBO and college SBO is in support and hands on din sa mga   student activities [that are] relevant to the University’s mantra na ‘students’ holistic development.'”

He also explained that they are not the kind of leaders that will only see the bird’s eye view of activities. “Actually ako nga e mas madalas mong makikita sa field kapag may mga activities. My constituents can attest to that. At syempre ganun din si Siegfred at yung mga CSBO officers natin.”

When asked what is his message to his fellow students he said that “I hope that we can work well for at least a year. If may mga problema po mga students e punta lang po samin. Approachable po kami, we don’t eat people. Hahaha. With the help of our advisers, what could possibly [go] wrong?”

“Let’s try to build a harmonious relationship among fellow students, and our admin also.”

Article by Catherine B. Paz

Cuison: You deserve the best

REACHING YOU. Newly-appointed Chancellor Floribeth P. Cuison extends her hand during an interview while she bared her plans for the South La Union Campus.
REACHING YOU. Newly-appointed Chancellor Floribeth P. Cuison extends her hand during an interview while she bared her plans for the South La Union Campus. Photo by Vanessa Mae E. Picatoste


AS THE PHILIPPINES enthroned a new head of state last June, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University-South La Union Campus (DMMMSU-SLUC) also witnessed the instalment of a new chancellor.

Dr. Floribeth P. Cuison, former dean of the College of Computer Science (CCS), was appointed by University President Benjamin P. Sapitula in Memorandum dated May 17 designating university and campus officials for June 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018.

In an interview with the College Forum, Cuison was asked on how her administration would deliver service to the studentry and said, “You are our clients and you deserve the best.”

She assumed the position after the retirement of Dr. Inocencio D. Mangaoang Jr., former chancellor of the campus.



“We’re going to have a planning and strategic conference this coming July”, said Dr. Cuison, explaining that she needs to know the plans of the different department heads.

Dr. Cuison “plans to sustain  excellence” when asked about her plans for the campus.

Kung ano ang naumpisahan ni Sir Mangaoang, iyon ang itutuloy natin (We will continue what Sir Mangaoang had started.).”

She stressed that the vision for excellence should be sustained.

Internationalizing SLUC

“We need to push through with our internationalization [through] collaboration with different universities in Asia.” stated Dr. Cuison.

Although there are already existing linkages internationally as far as Europe and United States, Cuison emphasized that “our target is to penetrate Asia.”

She said that they would have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing on July 13 in Thailand with five different universities.

Aside from Thailand, Cuison was hopeful that before the year ends, they could go to Malaysia and Vietnam to further establish connections with other educational institutions.

Kasi I think iyon ang kulang sa atin, ‘yung exposure sa abroad (I think  what we lack is our exposure abroad).” she reiterated.

She expressed her desire to empower students through experiencing “the other side of the Philippines.”

“How could you imagine yourselves going to Thailand for OJT instead of going to different schools here?”,  Cuison said, showing optimism with the possibility of On-the Job traings (OJT) abroad.

Malay niyo pwede kayong pumunta doon. It’s possible (Who knows you could go there too. It’s possible).” she added

On the other hand, she also mentioned that SLUC has already opened its doors to other universities abroad.

Recently, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), specifically the Languages Department, hosted a three-week long international language and communication training program for Thai teachers.

“Some of the students from other countries would come here. Actually, meron na. Naumpisahan na natin. Kailangan lang ng ‘push’ para iyong mga ibang  disciplines [maka-participate rin]. (Actually, there is. We already have started. We just need some ’push’ so that other disciplines could also participate).”

Student empowerment

“It is our duty to empower students. You are our clients. So as much as possible dapat hindi masayang iyong tuition fee ninyo (So as much as possible your tuition fee should not be wasted).”

Hindi ko naman masasabi na [iyon ay] corruption pero iyong funds kasi minsan napupunta sa personal    interest. Kahit nga ibang org ganun din. Ang uunahin nila sarili nila (I could not say that is corruption but sometimes funds were spent for personal interests. Same as through with other organizations. They will prioritize themselves).”

Consequently, she mentioned that she advised the Campus Student Body Organization (CSBO) to have a schedule in the SAS building regarding the Wi-Fi connectivity. She also said that all students should have an account in the CSBO to be able to access the internet.

Dapat sa Wi-Fi pa lang, doon sa internet connectivity, hindi lang sila ang nakikinabang (They should not be the only ones benefitting from the internet connectivity).”

Cuison underscored that those are the “little things” unseen before.

Meanwhile, she bared her plan to have a “learning center” in the SAS Building which will cater to the technological needs of the students.

Iyong learning center parang iyong Google [center] na kahit saan pwede kang umupo. Pero napaka-diverse ng learning experiences nila (The learning center should look like a Google center that you can sit everywhere. But their learning experiences are very diverse).”

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She also wanted that educational films would be played in that learning center.

Hindi lang iyong pupunta doon tano agtambay, ag-internet, ag-facebook (The students should not just go there to loiter, to surf and to facebook) ” she added.

Cuison was also hopeful that the library would also look like the learning center she planned to have.

Lastly, the new chancellor talked about her visits in other universities and optimistically said that “If they can do that, bakit hindi natin magagawa iyon? (why can’t we do it too?)”

ǀ  Article by Jericho E. Padilla and Catherine B. Paz