Dr. Floribeth Panay- Cuison  Chancellor
Dr. Emmanuel J. Songcuan Dean, College of Education
Dr. Raquel D. Quiambao Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Prof. Enrico G. Dacanay Dean, College of Computer Science
Dr. Fe M. Tangalin Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Prof. Ofelia O. Valdehueza Director, ICHAMS
Dr. Alfredo Quesada Director, Institute of Fisheries
Dr. Marina R. Sabado Director, Institute of Agriculture
Dr. Isidro Duran Head, Instruction
Prof. Victoria N. Malaya Head, Research
Prof. Zenaida B. Advincula Head, Extension
Dr. Nona M. Rivera Head, IAQAS
Prof. Joan Rulla Head, Student Affairs & Services
Dr. Eduard M. Albay Head, NSTP
Ms. Delia M. Imperial Head, Alumni Affairs
Dr. Milagros R. Baldemor Head, Partnership & Special Projects
Mr. Carlos Villanueva Head, MIS
Prof. Dionisio M. Uychoco Head, Institutional Planning
Engr. Frankie S. Burgos Head, Infrastructure & Development
Dr. Nancy F. Galban Head, Library Services
Prof. Danilo Q. Tavas Head, Auxiliary Services
Prof. Paul Jan Samson Head, Sports
Dr. Ofelia Aspiras Head, Cultural
Prof. Susan J. Boado Head, Business Affairs Office
Mr. Franklin V. Quinzon Head, Admin. Support Services
Ms. Erlinda S. Panay Head, Finance
Ms. Marissa P. Abacco HRMO
Mr. Ritz Gerald Dacpano Supply Officer
Ms. Wilma Q. Jose Registrar
Mr. Rizaldy B. Dacpano Head, Security Office
Mr. Jiyger Pre Disaster Risk Manager
Prof. Precy Villanueva Environmental Affairs Manager
Dr. John Noel B. Nisperos Chair, BEE
Prof. Nestor B. Ulpindo Chair, BSE
Dr. Precy Osillos Chair, Biological and Physical Sciences
Dr. Delia V. Eisma Chair, Mathematics & Allied Discipline
Dr. Zenaida L. Pascua Chair, Humanities & Social Sciences
Dr. Jesus Rafael B. Jarata Chair, Languages Dept.
Prof. Darwin C. Llavore Chair, BSCS – Straight Curriculum
Prof. Emely Munar Chair, BSCS – Ladderized Curriculum
Ms. Jima Mamungay Chair, BS Nursing
Mr. Jay Roncal Chair, BS Midwifery/Diploma in Midwifery
Prof. Lolita E. Hernandez Chair, BS Fisheries
Dr. Diego B. Waguey Chair, BSA
Dr. Gaudelia R. Villanueva Chair, DAT/BAT
Prof. Mercedita A. Mabutas Principal, Laboratory High School
Dr. Rodelio V. Indong Principal, Elementary Laboratory School
Dr. Nona M. Rivera Program Coordinator, Ph.D. Ed/ MA Ed.M
Dr. Flordiliza B. Dalumay Program Coordinator, Ph.D. in SciEd
Dr. Delia V. Eisma Program Coordinator, Ph.D. in Math Ed/ MA Math Ed
Dr. Remedios C. Neroza Program Coordinator, MA in Guidance and Counseling
Prof. Divina G. Naoe Program Coordinator, MS in SpeD
Dr. Maricon Viduya Program Coordinator, MA in Language Teaching
Dr. Antonio Calicdan Program Coordinator, MA in Physical Education
Prof. Lorna Areola Program Coordinator, MA in Teaching Music
Dr. Elizabeth I. Olarte Program Coordinator, MS in Biology
Prof. Marissa Fangon Program Coordinator, Master in Dev. Adm.
Prof. Jo Ann P. Rulla FAD President
Ms. Cecilia Sanchez NTA President
Mr. Mark Anthony Laplana CSBO Chairman


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  • Hello, my name is George Andrew Boeckmann. I have a back ground in the design and building of Planted Living Systems, and Aquaponics units (water based cultivation of Plant and fish crops). This type of work I have done for more than 30 years now . I am located in the city of Toronto (Canada). I have kept an office, in the down town core, for around 10 years. I have a complete show room, that displays all my systems. These can seen on my Web / FB pages, for my company Greenscape Interiors.

    I have recently become friends with Charlene Aleta, and she has recommended, that I contact you. I have an interest in assisting and teaching others how to design and build these types of systems I have created. My understanding is that there is quite a growing interest in this area of Agro development, in the Philippines. And I feel with my work set and skills could be a great asset to any school or organization that is interested in involving me in any of these types of projects.

    In addition to my interest and experience. I have a complete room with tool sets, and related materials, such as Mac Computers, Cameras and Lighting kits, and the shells for my various Planted Living Systems, that would also be a great asset, as educational display units. These items I would be willing to donate, so as to help promote any project that I could develop for you organization. The saving in these materials alone would greatly reduce over head on any potential project that I would be overseeing and or involved in directly my self.

    All I would require is to have a budget created to fund such a project, to cover my expenses. Air fair, shipping of materials, logging and food, and a small stipend, for weekly personal expenses.

    It should be understood, that I see this as a long term project, and would expect to stay for no less than a year or more. And could be interested in a longer stay if needed. But this would involve as I understand it, some form of sponsorship, that would have to be arrange with your organization.

    I am very interested in this type of project, and feel that I could contributed, a great deal. So, I look for ward to hear back from you with any questions you may have for me.

    You can contact me at my email. greenscapeinteriors@gmail.com.

    George Boeckmann.

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