“My goal is not to win in any competition but to be of service to my college and to my university. Winning is just a bonus. Since [my] first day as an extension worker and facilitator, I never stop thinking of how to help my college in uplifting its extension culture and services.”

These are the heartfelt words uttered by Dr. Janice Rhea P. Cabacungan, an extensionist from the College of Arts and Sciences, an awardee of the Extension Worker of the Year (Campus Level). This award is given to someone who has significant contribution in the extension unit of the academe.

“I believe that if you will do your best, God will take care of the rest”, is her guiding principle in striving forth toward her goal. Spices of life like failures and challenges are always part of the game. Challenges maybe difficult and failures are always bitter but she believes that it makes her a better person and helps her to strive for more.

In spite of all setbacks and hindrances, she believed that there is an invisible hand that always guides her in all the decisions she was going to make and do. She said that trust is her powerful tool why she is in the summit of her triumph.

Being an extensionist, a teacher with more than 21 units teaching load almost every semester, and a mother of three kids, all at the same time, is not a very easy task. It really requires a lot of patience, hard work, and sleepless nights. There are times, according to her, when she even has to work during holidays and weekend. This is a proof how hard it is to be an extension worker and at the same time, an instructor.

Another factor that helps her to achieve her goals is her camaraderie. Fellowships with the dean, chairmen of the different departments, heads, co-faculty members, co-extensionist and their clients improve her perspective with her work and in the situation. She said that sometimes circumstances regarding her job are not very motivating but because of friendship and rapport with these people, she continuously cherishes it.

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Her continuous good performance in her work was built up by the people who inspired her.  Her father inspires and motivates her to be the best in everything she does. He never leaves her when she is down. He always cheers her up and assists her along the way. He always tells her that “we can always contribute good things in this world. Whether big or small, it does not matter, what matters most is your contribution and putting your heart there”. These words are carved in her heart. She learned that in everything she does, the heart should always be present. Dr. Raquel Quiambao, the dean of CAS, also encouraged her to join the search by persistently driving her to aspire more.

Lastly, Dr. Cabacungan offers her victory to God who serves as the source of her strength and knowledge. She also dedicates it to her parents, her husband, and her kids, her CAS family, her extension unit family, and her friends who support and encourage her to achieve success.


Article by Daisy Ungria