FORUM joins 17th RHEPC; reaps 24 awards

DESPITE MISSING LAST YEAR’S Region 1 press conference, Forum, the official student publication of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University – South La Union Campus proved its excellence in the field of campus journalism after garnering 24 awards in group and individual competitions in the recently concluded 17th Regional Higher Education Press Conference (RHEPC) held at Oasis Country Resort, San Fernando, La Union, November 23-25, 2016.
Focus, the group entry of Forum in the Magazine, ranked first in Best in Opinion/Column Page; second in Best in Theme and Best in Feature/Literary Page; third in Best in Page Design and Best in News Page; fourth in Best in Developmental Communication Page; and eight in Best in Cover Design.

The campus publication’s literary folio, Liyab, placed fourth in Best in Literary Content and Best in Theme; fifth in Best in Cover Design and Best in Page Layout.

In the individual contests, Jericho E. Padilla, Forum’s Editor-in-Chief, bagged third place in Sports Writing (English) and Poetry Writing (Filipino). Associate Editor Clariza G. Garcia garnered second place in Feature Writing (Filipino) and fifth place in Column/Opinion Writing (Filipino). Managing Editor Catherine B. Paz won third and ninth spots in News Writing (Filipino) and Developmental Communication Writing (Filipino) respectively. Chief Cartoonist Sean P. Carambias placed fourth in Editorial Cartooning (Filipino).

Additionally, Circulation Manager Jasper Faith A. Abenes clinched the seventh place in Copyreading and Headline Writing (English) and tenth place in Photojournalism (English). Literary Editor Edna Joy B. Sotelo made it to the sixth place in News Writing (English) and tenth place in Copyreading and Headline Writing (Filipino). Vince Arvy M. Gachallan, then Managing Editor and now Opinion Editor, ranked ninth in Sports Writing (Filipino). 

Padilla, Garcia, Paz and Carambias will advance in the 16th Luzonwide Higher Education Press Conference to be held in Puerto Princesa, Palawan on February 2017 after being in the top five in their respective contests in the 17th RHEPC.

The RHEPC is an annual competition organized by the Association of Regional Campus Press Advisers, which aims to provide an effective medium in the development and promotion of campus journalism, promote consciousness among campus journalists on the value of responsible expression and appreciation of the many contributions the student publication gives to the institution, community and the nation as well to improve the quality of management and production of campus publications. 

Article by Jericho E. Padilla

Sapitula opens Sports Univ Meet

​WITS, WILL AND WORK — these three components served as the soul of the inspirational message of Atty. Benjamin Sapitula, DMMMSU President, for the University Olympics 2016.

Anchored with the goal of developing Unity and Camaraderie in Sports endeavor, the UN Olympics has been an annual tradition for the battle of wits and skills according to the president. 

“Dapat maintindihan natin kung bakit mayroon tayong Sports Competition taon-taon,” he reiterated. (We should understand why we have a Sports’ Competition every year). Mindful strategies (Wits), heart for success (Will) as well as a considerable degree of practice (Work) are the blueprint to outrun every game.

Moreover, he enumerated the achievements of DMMMSU for the past few years and set a challenge for the athletes to bring home the banner of championship for the 2016-2017 Regional SCUAA. . He also mentioned that DMMMSU is one of the State Universities which have a complete Sports Facilities in Region 1. 

Giving gratitude to SLUC’s Organizing Committees, the president commended their work and devotion for their preparation of UN. Likewise, he announced the possibility of 2018 National SCUAA at DMMMSU if the National Government will help the University.

He ended his speech with an invitation to enjoy the said event and formally ignited the tournament.


SLUC hosts Univ Sports Olympics

EQUIPPED WITH SPORTMANSHIP AND PRIDE, this year’s host, SLUC (South La Union Campus), welcomes delegates from MLUC (Mid-La Union Campus) and NLUC (North La Union Campus) for the university sports olympics with the theme, “Paving the path towards internationalization of the State College and Universities through Sports” held at Marcos Sports Center on Nov. 9.

The program started at the sunshine park for the assembly of delegates and parade of colors lead by the DMMMSU-SLUC ROTC (Reserved Officer Training Corps) Cadets and USC (University Student Council) and CSBO (Campus Student Body Organization) Officers, followed by the delegates from SLUC, MLUC and NLUC, officiating officials and university administrators.

Dr. Floribeth P. Cuison, chancellor of SLUC welcomed the delegates by emphasizing the importance of state of mind in shattering the impossible, and the value of camaraderie among the students.

The Oath of Amateurism was delivered by Darwin Valmonte, Regional SCUAA (State Colleges and Universities Athletics Association) 2015 bronze medalist in the National SCUAA 2015 the Baskteball competition. 

Regional SCUAA 2015 Gold Medalists Rodolfo De Guzman, Reynald Pioquinto, Christian Grace Ventanilla, Adrian Maningding, and Marilyn Sandoval of SLUC, Jane Galima of MLUC, and Carlo Raboy of NLUC lighted the athletic run.

 Finally, formally declaring the opening of the 2016 University Olympics, Atty. Benjamin P. Sapitula, President, DMMMSU encouraged the athletes by stressing the excellent performance of DMMMSU from the past years in sports competitions. 

Meanwhile, the announcement of the schedule of games was delivered by Mr. Ronwaldo G. Boado, Sports Director.

SLUC triumphs over NLUC, MLUC

THREE KINGDOMS OF DMMMSU battled out to bring home the glory and honor in their respective campuses, but only one made it to the top.

After the three campuses, SLUC, MLUC and NLUC, showcased their wit, talent, voice, artistry, passion in writing, spontaneity, beauty and glamour in different cultural events, SLUC was adjudged over-all champion during the university Cultural competitions last October 13, 2016 guided by the theme, “Paving the Path towards Internationalization of State Colleges and Universities through Culture and the Arts.” SLUC reigned supreme as it bagged the first place garnering a total score of 36 points, while MLUC landed on the second place with 42 points and NLUC ended up in the third place with 50 points.


Editorial: Globally Competitive

TO BE PREMIERE and globally competitive has always been the aim of our university.

It is the reason for our participation in the PASUC and the SCUAA meets and why we undergo accreditation. But how can joining these competitions help us achieve our vision?

Every year, students look forward to the Campus Meet, University Meet, PASUC, and SCUAA Meet, not only because of the suspension of classes but because it is that time of the year that they can break away from the four corners of the classroom and showcase their other talents and skills.

Events ranging from musical to literary competitions await everyone. But more than cheering for our bets during the pageant, what can these events contribute to our university?

This year’s PASUC theme: “PASUC @ 49: Paving the path towards internationalization of the state colleges and universities through culture and the arts” implies that through these competitions we will be able to achieve our vision – training students that are not only intellectuals but are also well-rounded and diverse individuals who would lead us to the fulfilment of our aim.

Students have an abundance of college essays and research papers to write, so there is nothing unusual in the fact that professional custom writers mostly deal with these types of assignments.

Our university can be a fundamental force that serves as a platform for students to hone their skills and to refine the potentials they possess in order to be globally competitive.

These competitions can open doors towards greater opportunities for the students and our university. It could be our gateway in creating better chances for our graduates as they transcend into the real world. That is why, these competitions are not simply for us to meet and compete with the other campuses, it is to enhance our skills and be one, as we inch closer in achieving our vision.