To lead in transforming human resources into productive, self-reliant citizens and responsible leaders.


BS Psychology

  1. to develop competent psychologists equipped with guidance and counseling skills;
  2. to provide students with holistic knowledge of greater understanding of human behavior; and
  3. to equip students with necessary skills in conducting behavioral research.

BS Mathematics

  1. to provide students with necessary mathematical skills required in the mathematics-oriented profession;
  2. to enhance students’ conceptual, computational and analytical-critical thinking skills to address the need of a globally competitive individual;
  3. to equip students with the required mathematical background needed to pursue higher educational programs in mathematics-related fields;
  4. to strengthen students’ capability to conduct research in Mathematics; and
  5. to guide students in obtaining an appreciation of the significant role of Mathematics in the improvement of life.

BS Biology

  1. to prepare students to become researchers and decision makers in scientific agencies, both public and private;
  2. to train students to become science teachers;
  3. to equip students with skills to pursue graduate or advanced degrees in Biology or allied fileds (Medicine, Dentistry, etc.);
  4. to prepare students to engage in various biological technologies and become entrepreneurs; and
  5. to inculate among the students concern and care for the environment.

AB English/ AB Filipino