College of Education



The College shall prepare globally competitive teachers who are imbued with the ideals, aspirations and traditions of Philippine life and culture, and sufficiently equipped with a broad range of knowledge, competence, and skills for effective service delivery system.


  1. Produce a human resource pool of effective and globally competitive teachers to deliver educational services in the elementary/secondary level.
  2.  Provide experiences to would-be teachers to acquire basic and higher order skills, particularly critical thinking and problem solving.
  3.  Equip would-be teachers with skills and competencies in discovering, verifying, applying and expanding the frontiers of knowledge through research.
  4. Participate in the government efforts to uplift the quality of community life through its extension and outreach services.
  5. Provide leadership in innovative instructional delivery systems in the different subject areas.
  6. Produce graduates who shall become catalysts of economic, social and culture change.
  7. Serve as resource and information center for instructional technology and other academic concerns in the elementary/secondary level.

Program Offerings

Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in:

  • Mathematics
  • Biological Science
  • Physical Science
  • Filipino
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Technology and Livelihood Education

Bachelor of Elementary Education Specialized in:

  • General Education
  • Special Education
  • Pre-School Education

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  1. Hi,
    Do you have a program for non education graduates? I want to know if you have program offerings or if you accept students to take teaching units to qualify for LET.


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