TO BE PREMIERE and globally competitive has always been the aim of our university.

It is the reason for our participation in the PASUC and the SCUAA meets and why we undergo accreditation. But how can joining these competitions help us achieve our vision?

Every year, students look forward to the Campus Meet, University Meet, PASUC, and SCUAA Meet, not only because of the suspension of classes but because it is that time of the year that they can break away from the four corners of the classroom and showcase their other talents and skills.

Events ranging from musical to literary competitions await everyone. But more than cheering for our bets during the pageant, what can these events contribute to our university?

This year’s PASUC theme: “PASUC @ 49: Paving the path towards internationalization of the state colleges and universities through culture and the arts” implies that through these competitions we will be able to achieve our vision – training students that are not only intellectuals but are also well-rounded and diverse individuals who would lead us to the fulfilment of our aim.

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Our university can be a fundamental force that serves as a platform for students to hone their skills and to refine the potentials they possess in order to be globally competitive.

These competitions can open doors towards greater opportunities for the students and our university. It could be our gateway in creating better chances for our graduates as they transcend into the real world. That is why, these competitions are not simply for us to meet and compete with the other campuses, it is to enhance our skills and be one, as we inch closer in achieving our vision.