The Faculty Association and Non-teaching Association (FANTA) conducted a two-day sports and non-sports competitions, dubbed as FANTA Olympics, last September 19 and 20, 2017.

The teams and the opening program

The faculty and staff were divided into four competing teams: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. Each participating team was headed by a faculty and a non-teaching staff. The Olympics started with “FaNTarun”, a fun run for the competing teams, and followed by a Zumba exercise. The opening program of the two-day Olympics was held at the Jose D. Aspiras Hall.

Ms. Cecille Sanchez, NTA-SLUC President, gave her welcome remarks, wherein she emphasized the importance of conducting sports and non-sports activities for the well-being of the faculty and staff.

Prof. Jo Ann Rulla, FAD President, presented the four competing teams. Each team paraded around the floor area and presented their cheers. After the presentation and cheer exhibition, Atty. Benjamin P. Sapitula, DMMMSU President, gave his message. He talked about the importance of building a harmonious relationship with workmates and one way of doing so is the conduct of such activities. Dr. Floribeth Cuison, SLUC Chancellor, gave an inspiring message and formally announced the opening of the FANTA 2017 Olympics.

Cheer dance Face-off

The first competition was the cheer dance competition in which the four competing teams showcased their creativity and grace. The Yellow Team, headed by Prof. PJ Samson and Mr. Cristobal Crisostomo, showcased a cheer and dance with grace and energy which was especially reflected by Prof. Samson’s solo dance.

The Red Team, led by Prof. Ernesto Villanueva and Mr. Camilo Jucutan, exhibited a clean dance act. The Green Team, steered by Prof. Jiyger Pre and Mr. Franz Milanes, challenged the other teams with an army concept cheer and dance as evidenced by their military attires and props.

Lastly, the Blue Team, directed by Dr. Rodelio Indong and Mr. Ritz Dacpano, executed a cheer and dance balanced with props, yells, and in synched drum rolls. In the end, the Blue team emerged victorious followed by the Green team, Red team, and the Yellow Team, respectively.

Contest Proper

The hype was further taken to a higher level after the cheer and dance competition with the Non-Sports games for 40 years old and above.The games were as follows: Basket Trash (Men and Women), Paper Clip Challenge (Men and Women), JavAirplane (Men and Women), and Fly away Balloon (Men and Women), Stick-em (mix category).

“It was amazing to see the deans, directors, and other administrators play basket trash. You see genuine happiness in their faces when they shoot. It was like watching children. The teachers also embody competitiveness. We saw their concentration to win,” Clariza Garcia, the EIC of FORUM shared.

“I was taking pictures all those times and I like the relaxed atmosphere when the teachers were playing Basket Trash. It is not often that we see each other outside of the faculty rooms and classrooms basically doing something unrelated to our functions in the university. It was a good experience – relaxing and uplifting,” Ms. April Rivera from the Blue Team explained.

The other non-sports events were: Marshmallow Relay, Soduku Challenge, Tug-of-war, Patintero, Kadang-Kadang,Sack race, Tiyakad,Tablakad, Sakay sa Kawayan, Spell it and Quiz Bee.

The sports events were: 3 x 3 Basketball (women), Basketball (Men), Table Tennis (Men and Women), Lawn Tennis, Badminton (Men and Women), Volleyball (Men and Women).

Buwis Karangalan contests

Prof. Jo Ann Rulla facilitated the Spell it and Quiz Bee in the Eriguel Hall. She also served as the quiz and spell master. Prof. Rulla dubbed the Spell it and Quiz Bee as “Buwis Karangalan” contests. The Spell it became a battle among English teachers of the campus since almost all of the contenders were English teachers whereas the Quiz Bee was a battle among the student quiz bee coaches of the campus.

The jesting and good nature heckling among the participants and the audience gave more color and life to the contests. Worth mentioning was Dr. Fe Tangalin, from the Blue Team, who teased Dr. Emmanuel Songcuan, from the Red Team, about misspelling a word. In the end, the Yellow Team won first place in both competitions.

Further, the other “Buwis Karangalan” contest was the Soduku Challenge which turned out to be a battle among Mathematics teachers. The Red Team annihilated the other teams with an impressive time of five minutes and three seconds. The Blue Team, Yellow Team, and Green Team finished second, third, and fourth, respectively.

In retrospect

Ms. Dona Fortes summarized her feelings about playing basketball in one word “Astig”.

The second day of the FANTA Olympics was the Championship games and the presentation of the candidates for Mr. And Ms. FANTA Supreme Personality. With an interview with FORUM, Dr. Eduard Albay from the Red Team, said that FANTA Olympics showcased the versatility of the faculty and staff, that aside from their competency in the delivery of instruction they also have prowess, skills, versatility, and multi-dimensional personalities.

“FANTA Olympics 2017 showed the unity among faculty and staff, regardless of their position, everyone was of equal ranks. Everyone cooperated”, said Ms. Melody Tumanan and Ms. Dona Fortes from Green and Blue Team respectively.

Mr. Marvin Ordines, CE Governor and one of the facilitators said that “Naipakita ang mga tinatagong talento at kakayahan ng mga guro. Tila bumalik sa pagkabata ang mga guro. (The hidden talents and skills of the teachers were showcased. It is as if they became children again.)”

In the end…

Each non-sports and sports events were tallied to find out the overall champion. The Yellow Team placed as 3rd runner-up; the Green Team placed as the 2nd runner-up; the Red Team landed the 1st runner-up and the Blue Team emerged as the overall Champion.

The FANTA Olympics will continue in the second semester of this academic year and the Mr. And Ms. FANTA Supreme Personality will be crowned during the foundation celebration next year.

Article by Clariza Garcia and John Rabanillo Jr.