A Commentary

Stagnated papers piling up on the table. Student problems brought home. Never-ending reports and presentations.
Responsibility. Time. Stress. The cycle continues.
Every day, great responsibility is placed upon the shoulders of teachers and administrators to ensure the welfare of the students and the university. Therefore, a breath of fresh air and a scenic view of clear blue skies away from stress and work environment is a token that they really deserve – a day or two outside the four corners of their rooms and offices.
The sound of their laughter and the sight of big smiles on their faces is truly one great scenario. The supportive carefree spirit they showcase in two FANTAstic days is the difference that a day or two outside the four corners of their rooms and offices can do.
Who says games and fun stuff are only for students? Various recreational activities and games are conducted to provide enjoyment to the contenders through mental activities like the quiz bee and spelling bee; physical activities such as the FANTA-run, Zumba, cheer dance competition, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, lawn tennis; and other amusing games such as Basket Trash, Paper Clip Challenge, JavAirplane Throw, Sudoku, Stick-em-Up, Fly Away Balloon, and Marshmallow Relay.
No one’s heart won’t be filled with joy upon witnessing the happy yells of the staff who are wholeheartedly supporting their team. It is very amazing to witness their way of getting to know each other very well, socializing with the staff of different colleges and welcoming the new members of the SLUC family.
“Masaya. Mas masaya ngayong taon kasi hindi na lang per college ang kasali, pati NTA. Mas organized ngayon kaysa last year. Bawat team ay competitive, walang KJ,” Ms. Dona Fortes shared.
Mr. Renante Malagayo further testified that he acquired the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie from this year’s FANTA. In a scale of 1-10, he rated his experience as nine.
Aside from strengthening bonds among comrades, reliving a youthful spirit is just one of the benefits of a couple of days outside. In this year’s special – the cheer dance competition, the faculty and non-teaching staff showed their talent in dancing and cheerleading which is not a usual thing to see.
This year’s Fanta Olympics proves that our teachers are not only good in the classroom and offices but also in the field.

Article by Armina Guray and Raymond Villanueva