A leader who does not only sit on the presidential table, that is how he described himself.

Seeing him move around during programs, he is truly a field-type leader. In events, he is a facilitator as well as a constant motivator among the officers. He is a person who strongly believes in the bonds created through diversity of ideas and so treated times of heated argumentations as an inevitable part of a strong organization.

Although exposed in leadership environment, he believes that he is made to be a leader. He admits that his grandmother, being a principal and administrator for 30 years is one of his inspirations and his mentor in his leadership career.

A leader with a strong leadership background shared the history of his expertise in the field. He started as an active officer of the Supreme Student Government, an Eagle Scout Awardee, the highest attained award by Senior Scouts, and National Jamboree Senior Crew Leader, La Union Council during his high school days. It is not questionable that his leadership career continued throughout his college days. He became the BSE vice mayor on 2014-2015, CE Governor on 2015-2016, SLUC CSBO Interim Secretary on Summer 2016, and the Incumbent SLUC CSBO Chairperson and Executive Secretary of the University Student Council, the highest governing student body of DMMMSU.

Not only that, Mr. Macalalay admits that he is madly in-love with politics and public service. He is also an expert in the fields of budget bearing, parliamentary meeting and paperwork; he is an event organizer, and, of course, he reaches to his fellow students to know their needs.

He may be serious at business but our student leader opens up his life as an open book to the studentry. When asked about the people he wants to thank for his success, he answered without thinking and any hesitation, “Si MJNM po, kase mahal na mahal ko po siya,” he said before saying, “Siyempre si God, for all the blessings, pamilya ko po, co-officers namely Siegfred, Jules, Jhel, Abelardo, Irene, Lance, Rachel, Japith, Mark, Arthur, Clariza, co-writer from student publication, advisers especially po ang aming Inang Jo Ann Rulla. Proud to be a Rulla production po! Mga kaibigan at kaklase po.”

Mr Macalalay believes in this saying of N. Mandela, “A good head and a good heart is always a formidable combination”. And for his fellow leaders and for the studentry, here is what our beloved student leader says, “Thank you for trusting our administration. We assure you that the remaining four months of our term will be at its best to serve you. Thank you for working with us hand-in-hand to attain such development and I hope that the next administrations will continue the things we have started.