Mark Anthony Laplana, the standard bearer of United Students’ Advocacy towards Development (USAD) and the former governor of the College of Education (CE) swept a total of 1557 votes in the South La Union Campus making him the next chairperson for the academic year 2017 – 2018.
“Happy, excited and I can already feel the pressure. Pero syempre, I accept the challenge, together with the new team that I’ll be working with, we accept the challenge,” Laplana said in an interview with The Forum.
Laplana edged out Progressive Alliance for Transformative Advocacies and Services contender Japith Bronuela who only got 773 votes during the elections.
Laplana also said that he and his fellow leaders will continue the legacy left to them.
“Service above thy self talaga, pero syempre iba-balance ko pa rin with my studies. Kuya JM and his team, kumbaga melting pot of talents, skills, and knowledge eh. Kami namang nasa lower year noon, observant at willing to learn and work naman. Sa regional ngayon hati, hindi naman lahat ng nakapasok galing sa USAD, meron din from PATAS. Pipiliin namin yung mga pwede ulit ipush na projects, activities, at syempre mga bago rin. PATAS na USAD paSULONG ang aming advocacy ngayon and with the whole studentry, we’ll create a new legacy,” he added.
Laplana won in the two colleges and three institutes of the SLUC which are as follows: College of Education (CE) – 778-77; College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) – 285-101; Institute of Agriculture (IA) – 321-127; Institute of Fisheries (IF) – 76-14 and; Institute of Community Health and Allied Medical Sciences (ICHAMS) – 60-16. On the other hand, Bronuela won in the College of Computer Science (CCS), 438-137.
When asked what is his message to his fellow students, Laplana said, “Maraming salamat po sa inyong suporta sa amin. Magtulong-tulong po tayo upang magawa natin ang ating mga plano po para sa SLUC, para sa ating mga estudyante. Sa mga organizations, get ready, mas magiging active po tayo ngayon. Bukas po para sa lahat ang aming opisina para sa serbisyo. Ready to work na po ang inyong lingkod na newly elected CSBO officers. We’ll give you the service you deserve. Para sa PATAS na USAD paSULONG! Fighting!”

Article by Catherine Paz