Prof. Precelita L. Osillos, a biology professor of the College of Arts and Sciences, was awarded Faculty of the Year for the academic year 2016-2017 during the 36th Foundation Celebration of the Campus.

Prof. Osillos has been teaching for 23 years now at DMMMSU. In her entire teaching career, she never expected any awards because, according to her, all she wanted was to teach students with all her might.  “This award was really unexpected, because I did not plan for it, it’s not my ambition to be an awardee actually. Our dean maybe saw my potential because she is good in scouting potential faculty members and so she recommended me to be a contender representing the College of Arts and Sciences”, Prof. Osillos said in an interview with The Communicator.

Thankfulness and joy were among the feelings of Prof. Osillos for being a recipient of the award. “Of course, in terms of feeling, who will not be joyful to be a recipient of such? The university considers it as the most prestigious award. And so, of course, i am joyful and thankful because they recognized my efforts. But other faculty members also deserve this award, not only me. Other faculty members could also be potential awardees in their own time”, said Mrs. Osillos when asked about her win.

But despite of her overflowing smiles are the tears she shed in facing life’s challenges. “Just to mention, there are times where I almost quit and cry because of challenges [and] hardship that I can’t bear. But with God’s grace, love, and support, I am able to surpass all those,” Prof. Osillos shared.

She also encourages the faculty members aspiring for the said award, “Don’t aspire too high, my advice is just work hard; don’t expect that when you do something good, you will get something in return although getting an award is a good motivation. Also, when you do something, do it with all your heart, mind, and soul because that is the only secret to excel. Be humble and keep yourself low but when given a task, do it very well because life is never easy, anything that life has to offer should be pursued through hard work.”

The said award was guided by the following criteria: Instruction, Research, Extension, and Production. “The evaluation was holistic, because we were interviewed accordingly to maybe assess our personality and we also conducted a demo teaching,” she elucidated.

“All of the good things in my life is a part of God’s bonus. Because I am also a DOST-ASTHRDP (Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program) and a DMMMSU-FSDP      (Faculty and Staff Development Program) scholar and I will be awarded this June a “Distinction cum laude, PhD Biology Major in Microbial Biology, SLU, Baguio City. So with God’s help, I was able to make it and I’m very grateful.”  

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In conclusion, she quoted: “Life’s challenges carry us to greater heights. As we try to overcome these challenges, we develop good virtues and professional qualifications that we have is not important but rather what kind of person are we. These challenges would develop a person to become a better one, not only in terms of education but as a whole person, you also develop a just discipline”.