“Having the honor to remain as the Best Academic Unit is not a matter to be taken lightly. Through the unity of the different departments and members, we will persist in sustaining glory for the University in the humblest way possible,” said Dr. Raquel Quiambao in an interview with The College FORUM after the College of Arts and Sciences was crowned as the Best Academic Unit of 2016, thus, maintaining the award for two consecutive years. Dr Quiambao expressed her happiness by saying that the said triumph became possible because of the cooperation and sincerity of the administration, faculty, staff, and students of the college who perform with passion and happiness.

The College Forum asked the secret of the college for its success. Quiambao explained that the college highly prioritizes instruction. She illuminated, “The teachers are competitive because they grow professionally. They are sent to different seminars and conferences in local, national, and international levels. Also, there are scholarship grants for the [faculty members pursuing] graduate studies which in the long run would definitely benefit the students since the teachers become updated in their field of specialization”.

She also added that the faculty members are encouraged to conduct researches in different fields and their efforts in research have paid off because they received acknowledgment through paper presentations and publications, locally and internationally.

Further, she commended the extension facilitators of the college who took charge in motivating and pushing the faculty members and student organizations to work on the different extension programs in the community. Recently, CAS conducted the first exchange student program with the Ministry of Education in Thailand particularly the Chiang Rai Rajabhat University.

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When Quiambao was asked about her future plans for the college she said, “Now that CAS already holds the title for two years, we will continue to keep on striving for more. Learning tools are continuously updated and provided (additional books, audio-visual materials like LED TV, projectors, and speakers, and laboratory equipment which are also accessible to students of other units). Fortunately, the construction of the new CAS building is near its completion. According to her, it is their way of coping with the growing population of learners. “The college continues to benchmark, open, and re-opens programs to widen the range of courses readily available in the future,” she added.

As a result of all the efforts CAS exerted in instruction, research, extension, and production, the college also received different awards this year like Researcher of the year, Dr. Eduard M. Albay, IGP Manager of the year, Dr. Joanne Rivera, both in the campus and university levels, Extension Worker of the year, Dr. Janice Rhea P. Cabacungan, and Faculty of the year, Prof. Precelita l. Osillos in the campus level, respectively. Also, the college received a special citation this year for having a topnotcher in the Psychometrician board examination in the person of Ms. Kristelle Pearl Boac who placed 8th nationwide. Quiambao promised that the college will continue to strive for more awards that will bring honor to the University.

Article by Vanessa May Picatoste and Christine Marie de Guzman