After achieving last year’s IGP Manager of the Year Award, Dr. Joanne Rivera from the College of Education, and now an HSSD faculty member, again claimed the title as the University’s IGP Manager of the year.

Dr. Rivera led the Grade Eleven Senior High School Training of Teachers in Region 1. The project lasted for 18 days from May 27 up to June 19, 2016. It was made possible by 21 trainers, 21 facilitators, 4 monitors, and 218 participants from nine divisions in the region. “Preparations were made, making sure that we exceed the quality of service we offered in previous tie-ups with the Department of Education,” Dr. Rivera stated in an interview with The Communicator.

The Income Generation Project (IGP) that Dr. Rivera spearheaded was a special project with funding from the Department of Education credited to the College of Education. Her successful project generated a net income of approximately 1.7 million pesos which was used for the improvement of science laboratories.

Requirements for the award include the average of two latest rating periods, at least one IGP assignment, employment status, no pending administrative charges, and net profit of at least Php 50,000. Further, the criteria in choosing the IGP Manager of the Year include personal qualities and project management competence which includes the income, project operations, and commitment to the development of the IGP.

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“We operate from a stand where each member or staff in the project management team brings something of value to the whole,” Dr. Rivera remarked.

“For the K-12 training, we [adapt] growth and cooperative strategies such as focusing on expansion (from regional to national training) and on strengthening our alliances with the DEPEd and other government agencies,” Dr. Rivera reflected. Currently, Dr. Rivera is planning for fund raising initiatives related to the academic programs being pursued and offered by the college.

Article by Darren Nixon Dulay